Spring Newsletter 2021

April 28, 2021 Off By Angela Borda

by Sabine Frühstück, Interim Director

In December 2020, Tu Kuo-Ch’ing, a pioneer in the field of Taiwan Studies and the founder of Center for Taiwan Studies, stepped down as director after seventeen years of service to the Center. I am honored to serve as Interim Director as we expand our activities to increase the Center’s local impact and global visibility. 

This Newsletter reports on the series “Sounds, Screens and Stages from Taiwan,” co-curated by Hangping Xu (EALCS) and Alenda Chang (Film and Media Studies). Looking to Spring, I am also pleased to announce Taiwan Talks, a series of expert panels on the topic of “Taiwan Makes History,” guest-directed by Kirsten Ziomek (Adelphi University), the Taiwan Studies Workshop, a forum organized entirely by graduate students with Taiwan Studies research interests, and new awards for undergraduate and graduate students. 

This is only the beginning of our expanded offerings, as we conceptualize “Made in Taiwan,” a project that is part undergraduate research, part global community outreach, designed to create an e-archive of childhood memories about growing up in Taiwan (thus “Made in Taiwan”). 

Lastly, I am delighted to announce the new CTS website’s design, created by Angela Borda (CTS), along with a new logo designed by Angela Pasagui, an undergraduate student in UCSB’s Art Department.

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