About the Center for Taiwan Studies


The Center for Taiwan Studies (CTS) is affiliated with the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies, at the University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB). Its objective is to promote Taiwan-related scholarly activities in the social sciences, humanities, and other cultural areas in an academic venue in the United States. It provides a forum for the public and a vehicle to meet the professional interests of faculty and students from a variety of disciplines by supporting collaborative programs involving visiting writers and scholars, hosting conferences, publishing Taiwan literature in English translation, and by encouraging interdisciplinary scholarship and Taiwan-related campus activities. By hosting this array of activities and bringing prominent experts to the campus, CTS will make UCSB an important institution in the field, both nationally and internationally.

As the importance of studying Taiwan and its culture on its own—rather than a minor subsidiary of China—becomes increasingly recognized, the programs planned for CTS will complement existing Chinese and Asian Studies programs offered at many universities. In promoting scholarly work and intellectual exchanges on Taiwan literature, culture, and society, these programs will also enable a better understanding of other topical issues in Asian Studies, such as the relations between China and Taiwan, the Taiwan issue in global politics, and security in the Asian-Pacific area during this century of globalization and China's ascendance in the global community.


The Center for Taiwan Studies (CTS) was established within the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies at UCSB in 2003.

Our goals are to:

  1. Organize scholarly and cultural events, such as international conferences on Taiwan Studies.
  2. Host programs, such as the Taiwan Studies Visiting Scholars and Taiwan Writers in Residence at UCSB.
  3. Make Taiwan writers' works available to English readers by publishing translations of their works, especially single volumes of representative works of major writers, as well as bilingual versions of selected works.
  4. Edit and publish monographs in English on Taiwan studies developed from the dissertations and research papers of young scholars and graduate students from universities in the United States.