Taiwan Literature: English Translation Series


Special Retrospective on Twenty-Fifth Anniversary 48
Special Issue on Contemporary Poetry from Taiwan 46
Special Issue on Tu Kuo-ch’ing 44
Special Issue on Wang Chen-ho 42
Special Issue on Pai Hsien-yung 40
Special Issue on Yang K’uei 38
Special Issue on Lee Chiao 36
Special Issue on Lü Ho-jo 34
Folk Ballads in Taiwan 32
Popular Lit. in Taiwan under Japanese Rule 30  
Special Issue on Lung Ying-tsung 28
Yang Ch’ih-ch’ang & Windmill Poetry Society 26
Taiwan’s Indigenous Peoples 24
Women’s Literature in Taiwan (II) 12
Children’s Literature in Taiwan 10 
Taiwan Literature, Nature, and Environment 8 
Urban Literature and Fin de Siècle in Taiwan 6
Voices of Nativist Literature in Taiwan 4 
Taiwan Literature, International Perspective 2
Special Issue on Classical Poetry from Taiwan 47
Special Issue on New Generation Fiction Writers of Taiwan 45
In Memory of Tzeng Ching-wen 43
Animal Writing in Taiwan Literature 41
Special Issue on Wang Wen-hsing 39
Imperial Subject Literature in Taiwan 37
Special Issue on Chung Li-ho 35
Special Issue on Chung Chao-cheng 33
Folk Ballads in Taiwan 31
Special Issue on Chang Wen-huan 29
Special Issue on Weng Nao and Wu Yung-fu 27
Special Issue on Yeh Shih-t’ao 25 
Taiwan Literature and February 28th Incident 23 
Taiwan Literature and History 13 
Women’s Literature in Taiwan (I) 11
Taiwan Folk Literature 9 
Travel and Visiting One’s Own Homeland 7
Literature and Social Concerns 5
Aboriginal Literature in Taiwan 3
New Taiwan Literature 1