ann-elise lewallen (EALCS): Indigenous Movements in Asia (ANTH 191/EACS 140)

ann-elise lewallen (EALCS): Environmental Justice in Asia (EACS 141/241)

Tom Mazanec (EALCS): China in Translation: Theory, Art, History (CHIN / C LIT 139)

Mayfair Yang (EALCS/Religious Studies): Religious Practice and the State in China (EACS/RelStud 183B)

Mayfair Yang (EALCS/Religious Studies): Contemporary Chinese Religions (EACS/RelStud 32)

Hangping Xu (EALCS): Queer China, Crip China (CHIN 180QC/CHIN 292QC)

Hangping Xu (EALCS): Modern Chinese Literature and Film (CHIN 82)